Monday, July 23, 2012

Fitness Week Two

*sighs while banging head against the wall*

Well, I hurt...more than I really should...and I gained weight...  Now, I didn't really watch what I ate, as an experiment to see if just exercising could help me at least maintain my weight, and then start dieting later on to boost the process...well, I guess I need to start dieting now...  It seems I take after my grandfather in the fact that I literally have to starve myself and workout until I can no longer stand in order to lose weight...this fucking sucks...  On a lighter note, my measurements went down fractionally...

Weight - 173.4 (up embarrassing...)

Bust - 42.25 (down .25in)

Waist - 33.25 (down .25in)

Hips - 43.75 (no change)

Right Thigh - 26.5 (no change)

Right Arm - 13.75 (down .25in)

So, after working my lower body out more than my upper body, I still only lost inches on my upper body...c'est la vie...  Also, I've decided to continue doing just week one of the fitness blender workout, because I have absolutely no confidence that I will be able to do the following weeks' plans...I've decided to do week one until it becomes a little easier, and I don't feel like an old man at the end of the week...


  1. Remember sweets muscle weighs more than fat so focus on measurements more and only weigh yourself once a month then you will see changes on the scales. Don't give up. And i know how you feel i just have to think or look at food and i balloon up to double my size. Shoot me now the fatty I am.

  2. Yeah, but you don't gain over three pounds in muscle in a week. lol I just eat waaaay too much and need to fill myself up with better stuff like fruit or milk or something.