Saturday, August 10, 2013

People need to grow up!!!

Ok, people really need to grow the fuck up!  Every fucking thread about adding a breastfeeding option to The Sims 3 or 4 on the official Sims forums get deleted, because immature people feel the idiotic need to report them.  What the fuck is wrong with people these day?!  That's what breasts are for!  To feed babies!!  We're not asking for it to be uncensored/uncovered (have it be pixelated like in The Sims Medieval or have a blanket appear over the baby).  We're not asking for it to be an interaction for any other lifestage than babies (leave it to the modders to include toddlers).  We're not asking for bottle feeding to be taken out.  We're not asking for it to have any special benefits compared to bottle feeding (although it really should, but I get why it could be offensive to those who are physically incapable of breastfeeding in real life).  All we're asking is for it to be one more option/interaction for babies, which is one of the most boring lifestages in the game!  I really don't get it!  People need to grow up!  They keep saying that it's too realistic and/or inappropriate for HELLO! the game is rated T for TEEN!!  If you're ok with letting your child under the age of 12/13 play a game with sex, drinking, and drugs, but adding a completely natural way of feeding a baby makes it off limits, then that's YOUR fucking problem, not MINE!  We've even suggested it be called 'Nursing' if the word 'Breast' is really so offensive to people, but still, we get flamed so horribly that the entire thread gets deleted within hours!  We've also suggested that they put a chair in the Store that has the interaction attached to it, that way those who want it in their game can buy it and those that don't, don't have to!  It's a win-win!

Seriously about to punch someone in the fucking throat right now, I'm so mad!!


  1. i couldnt agree more. all these anti breast feeding people are kinda nuts. whats wrong with it? thats what boobs were made for, they arent just sweater candy. yet we got a boob slider.. THAT is apparently ok

  2. Agreed. Yet, sadly, I can't say people on either side of the issue are innocent.

    You have the immature brats who report the threads, the immature brats who immediately bring in a real-life conflict over breastfeeding and pretty much guarantee it will be a flame war, and then you have the ones who pair it with teen pregnancy and argue that both should be equally acceptable.

    Two years ago, this problem didn't even exist. People could have a 30-page or longer conversation on the topic, actually solve problems, and move on.