Saturday, May 31, 2014

Asylum Challenge 2.0!

I've been playing The Sims 2 since I uninstalled The Sims 3 about a year or so ago, and I have to say that it is soooo much better!  I really missed it.  I will admit that there are certain things from 3 that I do miss, like the 'Hand of God' feature, the inventory system, the ability to give each sim in a household a different last name, and a few others, but all in all, those few features really can't make up for the lack of gameplay or the robotic sims.  So, I've decided to re-do the Asylum Challenge in 2, in the hopes that it will be more interesting and chaotic...aspiration failure ftw.  I created 7 sims using the randomize button...random looks, personality, aspiration, and turn-ons/offs.  And then I created my sim.  I randomized everything for her except her looks...what can I say...I like pretty sims.  I moved them on a ginormous lot and, with the help of CC, I made an awesome looking run-down old Victorian mansion.  After I completed it, though, I realized that it would look better from the outside if it had a second story...but I didn't have a good place to put it's just for show. lol  My husband said it could be the haunted attic. :P

Just a this game is fairly old, the pictures are quite small and low-res, so please forgive that.

My main sim...


Sign: Cancer
Aspiration: Fortune
Turn Ons: Formal Wear, Zombies
Turn Offs: Good at Cleaning
LTW: Become a Space Pirate

And now for the other patients...

Chyla doesn't know any of their actual names, nor does she care to get to know them enough to find out, so in her mind she's decided to call them...


Sign: Gemini
Aspiration: Knowledge
Turn Ons: Charismatic, Athletic
Turn Offs: Mechanical


Sign: Pisces
Aspiration: Pleasure
Turn Ons: Plant Sims, Full-face Makeup
Turn Offs: Stink


Sign: Leo
Aspiration: Knowledge
Turn Ons: Charismatic, Logical
Turn Offs: Facial Hair


Sign: Aquarius
Aspiration: Pleasure
Turn Ons: Witches, Swimwear
Turn Offs: Makeup


Sign: Pisces
Aspiration: Romance
Turn Ons: Creative, Witches
Turn Offs: Unemployed


Sign: Libra
Aspiration: Romance
Turn Ons: Logical, Plant Sims
Turn Offs: Jewelry


Sign: Taurus
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn Ons: Witches, Creative
Turn Offs: Jewelry

Group shot...aww...don't they look happy. ;P

The asylum...

 As time goes by, all of the hedges and bushes will start to need trimming and weeds will sprout everywhere, so the outside should be pretty rundown looking too, by the end of the challenge. to play... :D

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