Friday, June 6, 2014

And it begins... we go!

Warning...major pic spam!! :D

Day 1

As soon as I pressed 'Play' all of the patients immediately turned toward each other and started talking...a huge improvement over the last time I did this challenge!

Apparently Batty is excited about sports...

And Berserker is excited about Games...

Chyla conversed for a bit with Dingy, in an effort to be nice, but then decided to get started on her rehab and peruse the local paper for an opening in the Adventure career.  

Alas, nothing today....ooh look, a piano!

Meanwhile...Schizo and Nutter were busy having fun punching each other...

And Loony lounged on the couch...'Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack'. :P

And then she realized just how bad Chyla's playing really was...

After a while, Chyla needed to pee and then eat.  She put a tv dinner into the microwave and then promptly forgot having done so, as I found her stuffing her face from the fridge while Dingy walked off with her food. Lol!

She made another, and freakin' Nutter came and took it!  WTH!! Rofl!

Finally, she was able to make a sandwich and ate it before someone else came along.

The phone was for Batty...I wonder who it could be, considering he's never left the asylum...O.o

Loony managed to make some mac&cheese without burning the house down...damn...was hoping for a fire. lol  But at least she was nice enough to share...

WTH?!  'Bitch, you stole my chair, so I'm gonna stand right behind you and use your head as a table.' Rofl

Meanwhile, Dingy was busy staring out of the window in the corner...what is she looking at? >.>

We got a sponge-bather! :P

Anywho, it was getting late, so Chyla decided to grab a bed before they were all taken.  Poor Loony and Nutter weren't so lucky...

I completely forgot you could fall asleep standing up. lol

Is he praying for her? lol

Fight for the bathroom in the morning...

And that's the end of day one!  The challenge dictates that the day ends at 7:59am and the next day starts at 8am, so yeah.  Anywho!  So much silly stuff happened...I can't wait to see what happens when aspiration failure hits. :P

On to day two! :D

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