Thursday, May 31, 2012

Asylum Update #5

Wow...that was a long day of and doing nothing....and I got PAID to do it! lol

Anywho, I'm home now, and decided to get another round of simming in....sorry for the massive updates...

Asylum Update #4

I'm at a one day temp job right now, where I just sit here and sign people in all day....they told me to bring something to occupy myself, so I brought my laptop.  I tried to hold off playing my sims for a good 3 hours, but I got so bored...most of the people that were supposed to show up, haven't...

FYI...this post is being written as I'm playing, so if it doesn't flow well and seems a bit abrupt at times, that's why... was day 4 still when I loaded my game...I got another message about Khalida ruining the boss's surprise birthday party...silly game...  She got home and made just enough money to cover the overdue bills...§4 left...phew! lol  I'm glad I changed everyone's clothes...wouldn't be too appropriate to have nakey sims running around while I'm at a job. lol

The other sims are busy building skills...woo more points...and then I realised that I had put two Logic skill objects in the house...chess table and telescope...oops! :p

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Asylum Update #3

Ok, so I finally got back into my game...been a couple days.  I realised that I hadn't taken any pics of the asylum itself....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Asylum Challenge

Well, yesterday I made the patients and built the asylum.  At first I tried making it look like it was all run down, with the paint faded and peeling and all the metal rusted, but by the time I got around to the furniture and stuff, I got tired of messing with CASt. lol  I did at least try to pick vintage-y colours for the furniture, and most of the stuff doesn't match.

For the patients, I made 4 females and 4 males.  For the my non main sims I just hit the randomise button and went with the weirdest looking sims.  I did make a couple of them adults, though...I thought it might be interesting if some of the patients turned into elders at some point.  For their traits, I tried to pick some interesting combos.  I think one of them is evil, and another is a klepto...  And for their lifetime wishes, I tried to choose ones that didn't involve them needing to leave the asylum.  For my main sim's lifetime wish, I decided not to go with rolling a die to choose.  The first time I tried this challenge...this is actually my second time trying it...I ended up getting a really easy lifetime wish...just maxing out 3 skills...not very interesting.  So this time I just picked the one that seemed the hardest.

The main sim has to have the traits Insane and Loser, and the other sims all have to have the traits Insane, Hates Outdoors, and Absent-Minded.  The traits I'm listing with each picture are the traits besides those.

TS3 Challenges

I've decided to try out some of the Sims 3 challenges.  I really want to try the apocalypse challenge, but it's so damn convoluted. lol  I'm trying out the asylum challenge right now (because it's easier), to see if I have the patience to finish a challenge.  I've tried the legacy challenge before, but I got bored very quickly.  I think the farthest I've gotten was the third generation. :/  But that doesn't have very many just do whatever you want and try to make it through 10 generations.  For me, I need a bunch of rules and stuff or else I'm just gonna do what I always do with the same old sims.  That's my problem...I start out with my favourite sims and then get bored when they start having kids. lol  I'm currently playing on my boyfriend's laptop because it only has the base game.  I think it'll be easier to start out with just the base game because there's less to think about, and then eventually work up to all the expansions.  I might install Ambitions, though...I really miss the careers and some of the objects/clothes.

I'm back....

I'm back, not that anyone really noticed. lol  I deleted my old blog a while ago because I didn't feel like updating it, but thankfully the address was still available...